Gyokusui Kouno Workshop in Osaka

Within every cut of bamboo lies endless possibilities for expression. For three generations my family has sought to create shakuhachi that captures and enhances the individual spirit of each piece of bamboo, and produce instruments of exceptional quality. Sometimes, bamboo has a strong personality and refuses to make the sound I want and I follow the will of that piece. Other times, it responds very easily to my wishes and produces the most beautiful sound imaginable. This is what I love about the shakuhachi. You cannot bend the shakuhachi’s will, but must listen and respond to each instrument to find its natural state as it was in the grove. Our shakuhachi are known for their unique playing style. They are very responsive to the player and cannot be forced to depart from their natural tones and vibrations. While some players choose strong, expressive music in which to showcase a vibrant and charismatic flute, others prefer gentle music and a softer playing style to evoke feelings of calm and serenity. It is important for the player to take into consideration which style best suits their personality and find a shakuhachi that can enhance this personal expression.