Q. Are you going to help me choose the best Shakuhachi for me?
- We are always happy to assist our customers throughout the entire purchasing process. Meeting our customers' needs has been a core value of the Gyokusi family for over 100 years.

Q. Can I get more photos of a shakuhachi that I am interested in?
- Absolutely. Please email us with a description of the sections and angles you would like to see more clearly and we will do our best to provide you with accurate images.

Q. There are two shakuhachi that I am interested in buying. How long can you put them on hold for me?
- We are willing to hold individual shakuhachi for up to one week.

Q. Will I get a discount if I buy two or more pieces?
- Due to the nature and craftsmanship of our shakuhachi all prices are non-negotiable.

Q. I am living in the US. Do you know the tax rate for importing shakuhachi?
- Please refer to the latest information set forth by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Q. My credit card has a limit. Is there any way that I can pay the rest in monthly installments?
- We accept one-time payments only.

Q. Is there any way that you can ship the order to the country outside of the free shipping countries?
- If DHL covers the area, yes. Please contact us by email for the further information.

Q. At the check-out, it says “Your payment details couldn’t be verified. Check your card details and try again.” I use it every day and the information is correct. Why is this happening?
- In this case you will need to contact the card issuer directly.

Q. How long does it take to receive the order?
-Although It depends on the destinaton, normally it takes about a week to deliver.
Q. Do you accept bank transfer?
- Yes. Please contact us by email for further information.

Q. Do you accept refund?
- Yes. Please refer to our Refund Policy page for more information.

Q. Why do I have to create an account for purchase?
- We use this information to assist with customer service and prevent fraud.

Q. Can I order a custom shakuhachi?
- Yes, we do offer custom made shakuhachi. Please email us with your specifications to begin the process.

Q. Can you repair my Shakuhachi?
- Yes. Please contact us by email.

Q. Can you pre-bind it with extra charge?
- No, due to the fact we prefer to stay as close as possible to the real sound, feel and playability of each piece of bamboo. Any addition to the bamboo removes it from its nature and away from our preferred craftsmanship.